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Dan Eldar

Dr. Dan Eldar
Managing Director

Dan Eldar’s career spans over more than three decades with key positions in several industries, management of global corporations, consulting and academia. Dan Eldar holds Ph.D. and M.A. degrees from Harvard University and M.A. and B.A. degrees from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He held teaching positions at Harvard University, at the Hebrew University and at several other academic institutions.

Dan Eldar has been with the Hutchison Group (“HWL/CKHH”) for more than 20 years. In 1997 Dan was one of the founders of Partner Communications Company Ltd., one of Israel’s leading cellular networks and Since 2008 Dan serves as the Executive Director of Hutchison Water, focused on desalination, hydro-electric projects and water and Cleantech technologies. Dan has more than 25 years of experience in the medical world, serving in key positions in the healthcare and biotech industries.

David Gordon
Head of Investments

David Gordon is a Digital Health pioneer and a tech veteran. He has been at the forefront of technology for some 25 years, holding senior positions at Intel, Partner Communications Company (Orange Israel), and Elbit – in strategic planning, product development, business development and technology forecasting; he has created and managed research, innovation and corporate venturing frameworks. He was one of the founders of Partner, where he managed for 7 years its international business; over the years he was involved in several start-up ecosystems via entrepreneurship, investment and mentoring.

David Gordon started his career as a military officer, a programmer and an archaeologist and also spent a term in journalism. He currently also serves as a research fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) – the prestigious Israeli think tank. David holds B.Sc. and M.A. degrees of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Aviel Ichai

Prior to joining Longliv Ventures, Aviel was an Investment Banker at Rothschild & Co., where he advised global corporations on numerous high-profile M&A transactions and capital raises, primarily focusing on technology, consumer and industrials. Aviel Ichai started his career in investment banking in London, before moving back to Israel. He holds an M.Sc. in Finance from the London School of Economics and a B.A. in Management from the Sorbonne, Paris, graduating summa cum laude from both.


Gadi Ginot
Advisor, Regulatory and Clinical Trials

Gadi Ginot is the CEO & founder of Physio-Logic Ltd, Israel’s largest and leading provider of accelerated medical device approval, certification and regulatory compliance solutions. Gadi Ginot brings forward over 27 years of experience and a track record of accelerating the marketing approval over 100 medical devices. He is a sought-after lecturer.

Prior to founding Physio-Logic, Gadi Ginot worked in the biotech industry for over 20 years, climbing the corporate ladder from entry level to Vice President levels, in large global as well as start-ups settings, over three continents. Gadi Ginot’s professional motto is that regulation should serve the business and form a competitive edge. If it does not, then it is miss-applied.

Dr. Rina Yahalom, M.D.
Advisor, Medicine and Healthcare Systems

Rina Yahalom is a certified family physician and a partner in a large group practice providing comprehensive medical services. Rina Yahalom is a graduate of Tel Aviv University’s Sackler School of Medicine. She served as Medical Director of two districts of the largest HMO in Israel, Clalit Health Services, looking after services to over half a million of Clalit’s patients.
Rina Yahalom also served as Deputy CEO of Kaplan Medical Centre and as Deputy CMO for the Clalit Hospital Division.

Rina Yahalom is a recipient of several awards for quality care practices and is a frequent speaker at global conferences on clinical outcome measurements and on continuity of care of patients discharged from hospitals into community care settings. Rina Yahalom co-authored many publications on bariatric surgeries, end-of-life treatment and quality of care.

Dr. Eran Zahavy
Advisor, Science and Technology

Eran Zahavy is a world-renown expert in diagnostics with over 20 years of experience, leading numerous teams in government research institutes that developed various novel high-throughput biological detection systems and In-Vitro-Diagnostic devices. His work has been published in more than 40 peer-reviewed papers and he has authored many patents. Inter alia, Eran served as CTO at Israel’s leading clean-tech incubator Hutchison-Kinrot; as CTO of TACount Ltd., he oversaw the development of rapid bacteria detection in water and clinical samples. Eran Zahavy holds a PhD in chemistry and biophysics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and held a post-doctorate tenure at University of Texas, Austin.  He also held a position as visiting professor at the University of California, San Diego, working on medical applications of nanotechnology.


Dana Jasovich Gordon
General Counsel

Dana joined Hutchison Water in 2010 as General Counsel, leading all legal aspects of the group’s desalination, water related and hydro-electric projects and technologies investments. Since joining Hutchison Water, Dana Gordon has been a member of the group’s management team. In this capacity she is involved in the group’s strategic planning, investment decisions and assets management.

Before joining Hutchison Water, Dana Gordon was a partner in the hi-tech and venture capital practice at GKH, one of Israel’s leading law firms. Dana Gordon holds an L.L.M and a B.A in economics from Tel Aviv University.

Moti Klein
Senior Legal Counsel

Moti Klein is an experienced venture-capital legal counsel handling all Hutchison Water Group’s legal affairs, as well as those of Longliv Ventures. In this capacity, Moti has also served as the Legal Counsel of Hutchison-Kinrot incubator, a technological incubator operated under the Technological Incubators Program of the Israeli Innovation Authority.

Before joining Hutchison Water, Moti worked as an associate in the Corporate and Securities Group at Meitar, Liquornik, Geva, Leshem & Tal law firm, where he gained experience in representing corporations in a wide variety of international and domestic financing transactions, mergers and acquisitions and other corporate and commercial legal matters.

Moti holds M.B.A (Finance) and LL.B degrees of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Danny Rinot
Senior Legal Counsel

Dani Rinot joined Hutchison Water in 2013, and is engaged in providing legal support to both the projects and technological activities of Hutchison Water and Longliv Ventures.

Before joining Hutchison Water, Dani Rinot served as a legal counsel at Siemens and as an associate at the corporate and M&A department of Shibolet & Co., one of Israel’s leading law firms.

Dani Rinot holds an LL.B and LL.M from the Faculty of Law, at Bar-Ilan University, and an MBA in  Business Administration from Bar-Ilan University.